To help and support us

There are several ways you can help us bring these meetings to life!

Support us financially

The gatherings should welcome hundreds of people every day, and a corresponding budget, estimated at nearly 60,000 euros, is needed to bring in speakers from far and wide, to ensure a rich and diverse festive and political program, to meet the logistical needs of welcoming such a large number of people, and to meet the countless small expenses for communication, care, information, etc. that will multiply in the run-up to the event.

To cover these expenses, we can already count on nearly 25,000 euros of support from various organizations, and we know we can also count on substantial income at the time of the event. But to guarantee a comfortable cash flow in advance of the event, your donations will be invaluable!

So you can help us by spreading the word about our helloasso donation campaign:

Helping to build the gatherings

We’re going to need a lot of help over the next few months, in the run-up to the gatherings.

This page is regularly updated with the dates of collective workcamps that can be joined.

You can also write to us at to join the organisation, or to offer logistical means and materials (see the list of materials we’re looking for further down this page).

During the event, we’ll be setting up self-management tables for the various tasks involved in running the event, which you can read about on this page a little before the event.

List of materials needed

  • everything for breakfast (marmelade, …)
  • Tables
  • Banches
  • Tent/Instant shelters/Marquee (of any size)
  • Structures to make shadow
  • Water-tank

We need interpreters

To make possible those international gatherings, we are looking for volonteers interpreters!

If you speak few of these languages: French, German, English, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and if you enjoy simultaneous interpretation, please contact us at !

If you want to join our technical team and help installing the material, don’t hesitate to write us!

We will work with COATI collective (, they will take in charge the technic of one big tent and we will take in charge a smaller tent. COATI is not coordinating interpreters.

The interpreters will always be in team of two people and will exchange regulary to make breaks. Don’t hesitate to write us if you are interested or if you have any questions!