Building together the Gathering of rural and peasant struggles – Solidarity with June 20 detainees

In the early hours of June the 20th, a second wave of arrests took place, including several police searches and 18 people taken into custody. This large-scale police operation – on the eve of the announced dissolution of the collective “Les soulèvements de la terre” – is above all an operation of communication and intimidation against the social movement as a whole. It seems that the people were arrested in connection with the dismantling of the Lafarge plant in Bouc Bel Air, as well as the demonstration in Sainte Soline against the mega-basins. We support those arrested and we will continue to build struggles despite the repression. We stand in solidarity with the support committee for those arrested on June 20!

When it comes to Bure and the gathering of rural and peasant struggles, we are coming closer and closer to August 26th and as was promised, we will let you know of our progresses all along the barely 10 remaining weeks. The organization group met again last week. Last adjustments were made, especially about welcoming issues but also about logistics, programming and communication. Most commissions are up and running and we are very excited to witness the building of a diverse and joyful gathering of struggles, despite the difficulties that we impose ourselves : direct democracy, self-organization, endless debates… Everything we love.

It will still be very intense to coordinate the one hundred or so conferences, workshops and cultural events, when it comes to spaces and time slots. We plan to publish the “final” version mid-July, and a beta program will be ready soon. A pre-program describes the broad lines of the meeting, you can find it here :

Until then, we have several requests and announcements to make :

* Sign up ! *

You can already tell us when, with how many people and with which specific needs you will come. To do so, please use the form on this website :

* Get involved with your own means ! *

The different working groups are delighted to get various support. Whether you have skills or not, feel free to contact commissions and sub-commissions! You can find them on this website :

We are particularly looking for : a canteen for the dismantling, people to consider shuttles, welcoming, sleeping logistic, daily life, and a group to organize tea/coffee/breakfast.

And materials ! Small marquees (or other structures to create shade), a mobile oven, tables and benches, toys for children.

* Help us with translation ! *

If you speak several languages and you would like to join the translation team, please contact traduction-lpr[at] french, german, english, arabic, spanish, portuguese, italian.

We are working with the amazing interpreting collective COATI ( to set up simultaneous interpreting during the discussions!

We also need help in translating texts, for example for our multilingual website.

Feel free to write us for more details!

* Help us raise money! *

Funds were made available by several organizations to make these nine days of meeting possible. The more money we find in advance, the easier it will be for everyone to live this meeting with no worry. It is possible to donate on our helloasso, so if you have money or you have ideas where to find some, please donate :

* Spread the word about the meeting ! *

Many posters, leaflets, postcards and stickers were printed and put into circulation. Information events took place in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and many places in France, and we plan to attend a number of camps and events over summer. If you want to organize information events or if you need leaflets or posters (available in german, english and french), please contact the communication team (com[at] You can also download them from the website

Please feel free to spread the word about the meeting and this website to all of your contacts, especially outside of France, so that the meeting can be as international as possible.

We plan to publish texts and reports at least every 15 days to keep you informed. Please spread this information and the call for the meeting within your networks, so that we are numerous in Bure at the end of august.

See you soon, your Rural & Peasant Struggles communication team

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