Press release No2: Final preparations – Come to the set-up!

In a dozen days, it’s off – what a thrill! The camp we’ve registered at the prefecture will be set up north-west of the town of Cirfontaines-en-Ornois in Haute-Marne, on a plot of land where the ANDRA-Agency plans to build the railway line that’s supposed to carry the nuclear waste to the burial site. Friends in the struggle from the four corners of the world, a hundred or so presentations on peasant and rural struggles, teams of volunteers organised to meet our daily needs, and a long collective effort that is already bearing fruit. We can’t wait to get our different [activist] cultures talking to each other, to let our self-management creativity shine through, and to build new solidarities. For more information, visit the website or contact us at

We still need lots of volunteers! Remember: this is a self-managed event, and its smooth running will depend on the commitment of every participant, not just the organising team.

Come and help us by taking part in the preparation-week from August 19th, and don’t hesitate to let us know when you’re available, as well as what skills and resources you can bring around:

Our various needs are listed here: To get our days off to a good start, don’t forget to bring some sweets to liven up our breakfasts (jams, spreads, etc.).

You will find below the finalised programme (A), a few technical points on accessibility (B), a press briefing (C) and the call for demonstration (D) for September the 2nd starting from Bure.

Many people and organisations have already given their financial support to the event – don’t hesitate to make a donation via our Helloasso platform:

(A) The programme :

A packed programme has been concocted over the last few months. With very few changes, you will find the presentation of the various events (workshops, conferences and round tables, training courses) described here:

(B) Accessibility:

Accessibility for people with reduced mobility is not guaranteed throughout the site, but we are doing our utmost to ensure that most of the program areas are accessible. These areas are located on a large meadow, with few natural obstacles and slight changes in level. The camping area is nearby. The maximum distance from one end of the site to the other is around 700m.

Some of the conferences and workshops will be translated into 2 to 6 languages (in two of the four marquees). Don’t hesitate to contact the translation team if you have interpreting skills.

The nearest train stations are in Joinville and Bar-le-Duc – we will try to arrange as many shuttle buses as possible. You can also use this car-sharing tool: 

Quiet areas, a children’s area and a care area will be available. We invite you to bring your pets with you only if absolutely necessary. 

You will find important information about camp life in the “Practical info” section:

(C) Press:

As far as the media are concerned: we hope to cover most of the event with an autonomous-media concept, based on independent, non-commercial media. Dedicated slots will, however, be proposed to welcome the more conventional media: press conferences followed by one-hour tours of the site will happen on:

Saturday 26th of August, 12 noon-1pm, lunch followed by a tour of the site <3pm)

Friday 1st of September, 12 noon-1pm, lunch followed by a tour of the site <3pm)

Sunday 3rd of September at 3pm: press conference only.

For all enquiries, please contact:

(D) Events :

On Saturday 2 September, a declared peasant and anti-nuclear demonstration will set off from Bure at 2pm, ending with a snack in the village of Mandres-en-Barrois: “C’est sans le nucléaire que vivront nos terres” (“It’s without nuclear power that our land will live”). The full call can be found here:

We look forward to seeing you next week to put it all together!

See you soon – the LPR organising team

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