Press release No3 : Terres et Communs – LPR starts in Bure!

For ten days we have been busy with the construction: tons of food, kilometres of cables, pipes and toilet paper, thousands of hours of plenary and coordination, with the aim to debate, celebrate and demonstrate with you over nine days. We hope for a respectful atmosphere and that everyone will contribute, financially (click here for the HelloAsso campaign) and actively in the self-organised camp.

We are looking forward to helping hands – sign up for the shift plans at the camp and enjoy the time together. In addition to carpooling (click here for the page), there is the possibility to get to us via the train stations in Bar-le-Duc or Joinville. The destination is Cirfontaines-en-Ornois (click here for a map of the region).

The demonstration on Saturday 2 September under the slogan “C’est sans le nucleaire que vivront nos terre” (without nuclear power our earth will live) has been registered at the prefecture. We want to take the protest to the villages with a loud walk open to all. Starting from Bure along the “antenna route”, the demo will end with a pic-nic in Mandres.

We hope that we will not encounter any difficulties on our way and that everyone will be able to go home or to the camp without any problems after the demonstration. There might be preliminary controls. Only with an “Arrêté Préfectoral” the police is allowed to do extensive vehicle checks. Ask and let them show you the paper. We will try to report checkpoints as much as possible. If you notice any police checks or arrests before the demo, please contact the Infotraflic: 0033 773 56 16 11 (remember not to mention any names). Information about the legal team can be found here:

A few last requests and advice before the start of the camp:

– Please bring stuff for breakfast

– If you have any special needs, please contact the info point at the entrance of the camp.

– There will be mediation and working groups on specific conflicts.

– For media questions, contact the “Equipe Com” at the media tent.

– There will be regular briefings and a legal team (number will be announced before and during the demo)

– Use the phone numbers to reach working groups

– take care together to overcome language barriers, not everyone will speak French/English

– If possible, leave your animals at home.

– We are still looking for people for translations and childcare.

From this weekend on we will experience a festival of exchange and cultures and together with residents of the area and people from many countries we will set a strong sign against the planned nuclear toilet CIGEO and for revolutionary agriculture!

Welcome to the camp! Your preparation group

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