Land and commons – gathering of rural and peasant struggles

From 26th of August till 3rd of September 2023, you are invited to join the transnational gathering of peasant and rural struggles, next to Bure (France, 55), where the French nuclear industry wants to build the giant nuclear repository named Cigéo. We are planning a big self-organized camp to strengthen the links and organization between a maximum of militants involved in rural and agricultural struggles, from near and far.

Our plains, valleys, coasts and mountains are disfigured by chemical and intensive agriculture and forestry, tourism, multiplication of big useless projects, artificialization and land-grabbing. In the meantime, those rural territories are losing their farmers. In view of the above and to reinvest our countryside, we propose to create together a definition of peasant alternatives that would be desirable, joinable, and environmentally virtuous. It’s also a question of taking on the challenge of settling them down and sustaining them : how to make peasantry attractive, how to facilitate access to the land, how to (re)acquire the know-how, which agricultural models, and which human organization ? How to build and make peasant collectives last ? How not to reproduce the domination that we fight outside, within those structures ? How to face together the social, climatic and ecological issues ?

The rural spaces are crossed by different types of struggles that do not communicate enough with one another : some farmers contestation actions ; some lock-down or sabotage of big useless industrial projects ; some “zad”-type occupations ; some collective peasant settlements … The goal of this camp is to get out of isolation, to visibility and open up those struggles, to overcome some cleavages and to strengthen connectionsand political friendships between those who lead them, no matter if we come from the city or the countryside.

We want to put in application all those beautiful ideas to reinforce the local struggle against the Cigéo project. We want to consolidate alliances between the land workers and inhabitants, strengthen solidarity with other struggles in France and other countries, and – why not -raise new wishes for settlement in the region !

Our meetings will take place in the area threatened by the Cigéo high-scale-radioactive-wasteproject. For now, this project has no authorization. However, hugeinfrastructure construction works are announced, thousands of acres of agricultural land and forest have already been bought by the Andra-company, and expropriations could follow. We invite you to join the ongoing rural struggle, to block the way to the nuclear promise, by defending this land hand in hand.

Our will is to anchor those gatheringsin concrete experience, by giving a voice to those who practice agriculture and/or struggle. It will also be the place to enlighten peasant and rural struggles under different points of view, in terms of period, territories andpolitical positions. Many conferences, roundtables, workshops, actions, and festive and cultural moments are currently in preparation. We would love that our camp would contribute in the happening revival of the struggles against the living, and would bring new dynamics to our networks.

Join us in Bure this summer: The struggle is fertile !

Alliance Jurassienne Non au Nucléaire AJUNN (Switzerland) ; Les Am·ies de la Conf’ (Alsace) ; Les Am·ies de la Conf’ (France) ; Anti Atom Aktuell AAA (Wendland, Germany) ; Au Maquis (Vaucluse) ; L’Association de Sauvegarde des Vallées et de Prévention des Pollutions (Vosges) ; L’Atelier paysan (France) ; Bürgerinitiative BI Lüchow-Dannenberg (Wendland, Germany) ; La Bande fleurie (Haute-Marne) ; Bure Solikomitee Dreyeckland (BW, Germany) ; Codetras, Collectif de défense des travailleur·euses étrangèr·es dans l’agriculture (France) ; Les Communaux (France) ; Collectifs Alsace des luttes paysannes et citoyennes (Vosges) ; Collectif 07 Stop au Gaz et Huile de Schiste (Ardèche) ; Collectif eau 88 (Vosges) ; Confédération Paysanne (France) ;Confédération Paysanne (Grand Est) ; Cooperativa El Poblet (Cooperative intégrale de Catalogne) ; Coopérative européenne Longo Maï (France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Romania, Ukraine) ; Coordination Stop-Cigéo (Meuse) ; L’eau qui mord (Vosges) ; European Coordination Via Campesina ; Ferme du Mouton Noir (Franche-Comté) ; La Foncière Antidote (France) ; Forum Civique Européen FCE (Switzerland) ; Gartencoop (BW, Germany) ; Grondements des Terres (Switzerland) ; Le Jardin d’Amour (Moselle) ; Le Jardin des Maraîchères (Côte d’Or) ; Les Jardins Vidusiens (Meuse) ; Junge Arbeitsgemeinschaft bäuerliche Landwirtschaft (Germany) ; Let’s Goat (Meuse) ; Lützerath Lebt! (NRW, Germany) ; Oiseaux Nature (Vosges) ; Pot’col’le (Côte d’Or) ; Quartier libre des Lentillères (Côte d’Or) ; Réseau Sortir du Nucléaire (France) ; Les Semeuses (Meuse) ; Les Soulèvements de la Terre (France) ; Terres de Luttes (France) ; Vosges Nature Environnement (France).

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