We need interpreters

The Gatherings of Paesant and Rural Struggles, that will take place in Bure from 26th August to 3rd of September, will gather people speaking different languages. To make possible those international gatherings, we are looking for volonteers interpreters!

If you speak few of these languages: French, German, English, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and if you enjoy simultaneous interpretation, please contact us at traduction-lpr@riseup.net !

If you want to join our technical team and help installing the material, don’t hesitate to write us!

We will work with COATI collective (https://coati.pimienta.org/), they will take in charge the technic of one big tent and we will take in charge a smaller tent. COATI is not coordinating interpreters.

The interpreters will always be in team of two people and will exchange regulary to make breaks. Don’t hesitate to write us if you are interested or if you have any questions!

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